After leaving stifling hot Ujung Pandang, Toraja offers a pleasant and refreshing climate. You can sit outside your hotel in the evenings or mornings and enjoy the crisp air, especially higher up in the mountains in places like Batu'tumonga.

Like in the rest of Indonesia, Toraja has two main seasons: a wet and a dry monsoon. The first one lasts from December through March, while the second starts in June and ends in September, The periods in between are considered transitional periods. Typical weather for the dry monsoon is sunshine throughout the day with occasional short rainy spells. The wet monsoon, in general, offers sunshine in the morning with long spells of rain every day that start after 2 PM. When it is raining, it usually gets chilly and it is best to have one's jumper or jacket ready.

The maximum temperature on record is 26ûC and the minimum temperature is 14ûC. However, temperatures have been noticed to be higher during the extremely long period of draught in 1997, and the following wet monsoon with rainfall for days on end.
The monsoons are known to be as whimful as the seasons in the west...